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While we do not know the details (so please don't ask  ) fiber is indeed coming into the community. They are just BEGINNING to lay the framework for it. Because of this, we have seen our amount of line locates double in the last 2 weeks alone. Did you know that our small crew is also in charge of locating the water lines for any digging in the district!

You are going to be seeing a lot of different colored flags and marking paint all over the place for the unforeseeable future due to this new infrastructure coming in. Please leave the flags undisturbed for at least 30 days after you see them. After 30 days you are legally allowed to discard them. A couple things to remember:
1) Utilities only mark to their respective meter. This includes electricity & WATER.
2) Line locators are not responsible for retrieving the flags after work is done. Homeowners may remove the flags after 30 days.
3) Please don't call our office about line locates. All line locate questions or tickets are processed through Indiana811.