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Water Outage and Boil Order

June 19, 2024

UPDATE: The water main is repaired and the maintenance crew did not have to turn off the water, so there will not be a boil order.l 

Due to a water main leak the following drives will be without water starting at 10am TODAY (6/19/24). Badger Dr, Beaver Dr, Buffalo Dr, Blackbear Dr, Catfish Dr, Chipmunk Dr (only to Elk Dr, Drum Dr, Eel Dr, and Centerlake Rd from Sweetwater Dr to Grizzly Dr. Once water is restored there will be a 48-hour boil order in the affected area. We appreciate your understanding in our efforts of working to reduce water loss. Have a great day.  

Wake Surfing Course Sweetwater Lake

June 06, 2024


As per motion from the November 2023 Board  Meeting, wake surfing on Sweetwater lake is only to be done a minimum of 400 feet from the dam area and in the middle of the lake. Wake surfing is also only to be done while traveling in one direction (as per map below). No wake surfing activity is allowed north of Grey Wolf Drive. If any wake surfing is done outside of this area it will be a ticketable offense. 

Sweetwater lake wake surfing course

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Survey

June 06, 2024

The Ecology Commission of CSCD has been approached about the feasibility of installing a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger somewhere within CSCD. Here is a link to a survey to help gauge interest EV Charging Station Survey Thank you.