Our History

Howard Prince, the developer of Prince’s Lakes, started the development of the Cordry and Sweetwater Lakes in the early 1950s. At that time, the development was called “Sweetwater Park.”

In 1955, financial problems resulted in a State Court Receivership. Unfortunately, financial problems continued for the developers resulting in two subsequent bankruptcies. The Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District was established in 1961 through a court order and operates under the Indiana Conservancy District Act, Indiana Code 14-33 Cause No. 4213. The District was established for three purposes:

  • Providing water supply, including treatment and distribution for domestic, industrial, and public use;

  • Providing for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage and other liquid wastes produced within the District; and,

  • Developing forests, wildlife areas, and park and recreational facilities where feasible in connection with beneficial water management.

The District’s plan was approved by the court on August 7, 1961. The creation of the District permitted, amongst other things, the completion of the Cordry and Sweetwater dams. The District is located in Hamblen Township, Brown County, Indiana.

The District consists of approximately 2,300 acres and, according to the court-approved District Plan, approximately 1,700 Lots. All land within the District, except land owned by the District, the Cordry-Sweetwater Lot Owner’s Association, and the Cordry-Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department, is residential real estate and can only be used for single-family dwellings. Land within the District is identified as a “Lake Residence District (LR)” pursuant to the Brown County Zoning Ordinance. The District is a private community, and its amenities are available only for use and benefit of the Lot Owners whose Lots are located within the District and their guests.

Cordry & Sweetwater Lake