The District has recycling available in the District Office parking lot provided through the Brown County Solid Waste Management District.

Recyclable items are: 

- Plastic - Cardboard - Newspaper - Office paper
- Cans - Glass - Cardboard food packaging


The BCSWMD will take plastic items that have a triangular symbol with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, or 6 inside that triangle.  No other numbers are accepted.

They do not take:

- Plastic grocery bags - Black plastics - Styrofoam
- Hazardous materials - Empty motor oil containers - Paint cans


If you have any questions as to what to recycle please call the Recycle Center at 812-988-0140.

The Recycle Bins are monitored by 24/7 Audio-Video Surveillance. Report misconduct to the Conservancy Office: 317-933-2893