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Boating Information


There is currently a 60 day moratorium for adding new boats designed to create a large wake or wake boats to the lakes as of the 3/19/2024 Board of Director's Meeting.
**This does not apply to boats that are currently stickered with the District**

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Boat Decals & Beach Passes are now available!


The 2024-2026 Boating Season decals and beach passes are in! We are scheduling times for freeholders to pick up their boat decals & beach passes, so call 317-933-2893, and we can get everything ready for you before you arrive. The pricing for this years decals are as follows: speedboats/pontoons/grandfathered jet skis are $166, fishing boats 40HP and less are $86, and nonmotorized watercraft are $10. Don't forget you need to take the Boater Safety Quiz available through this link, Boater Safety Quiz  , in order to obtain your decals this year. If you have not taken or are new to the lakes you will need to take the Zebra mussel course available through this link, Both are available on the homepage of the CSCD website ( If you do not have a device to take the course on we have set up a computer for freeholders to schedule appointments to take it, here at the office. Happy Boating !

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Boater Safety Course is now available with resource links!


Here is the Boater Safety Course! This Course Completion Certificate will be required to obtain your 2024-2026 boat decals. This course now has resource links available at the beginning of the quiz to help you successfully complete it.  This course works best on a computer, laptop, iPad, or similar device. If you have any questions please call the CSCD office at 317-933-2893. 

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Zebra Mussel Alert


Remember all new freeholders who desire boat stickers for the first time will have to take and pass an oline Zebra Mussel prevention course and test before you can get your 2024 boat stickers.

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2023 Winter Newsletter


Happy Holidays!

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Wake Survey Final Day


Don't forget today is the last day to take this survey, please take a few minutes to complete this and provide feedback to the Wake Committee.

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Wake Survey


Everyone please take a few minutes to complete this survey to provide feedback to the Wake Committee.

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LCRR Identification Survey


We've had just over 200 responses to the LCRR Identification Survey; but we are still looking for more. This is the last call to go online and help us reach compliance before we have to start digging holes to identify the water line material. It only takes 2 minutes of your time!

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LCRR Survey


The time has arrived, now it’s your turn to help us! We need your water line service material! If your home was built before 1988 please go to CSCD Water Survey to take our QUICK material identification survey. Help us inch closer to EPA Compliance!

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Q & A for Board of Directors Candidates


  1. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the Conservancy over the next 4 years (your term), and what would be your approach to overcoming it?

Matt Petersen (Area 3): In the recent past, there seems to be misinformation presented as fact, causing unnecessary division within our community. My approach is to help all Freeholders to better understand the issues at hand and the processes to resolve them. There are always multiple solutions to any problem, however, there is always one that stands out to benefit the many over the few. This creates conflict, however, with better clarity and understanding the disagreement can be minimal.

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Declaration of Candidacy Deadline


TODAY IS THE DEADLINE to turn in your Declaration of Candidacy Forms for Area 3 and Area 7 Board of Directors to the CSCD Office!!!

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Board Vacancies


The vacancies to be filled by election of the freeholders of the CordrySweetwater Conservancy District are: Area 3, Matt Petersen, and Area 7, Ted Adolay. A
nominee to be elected to represent an area must own land within the area and must be qualified
by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to the development of the District.
Nominations must be in writing and signed by at least five (5) freeholders owning land
within the area from which the nominee seeks election. Nominations must be received either by
delivery or mail at the District Office, 8377 Cordry Drive, Nineveh, Indiana 46164, prior to
December 1, 2022.
The nominee elected to represent Area 3 shall serve a four (4) year term expiring on the
date of the District’s annual meeting in January 2027. The nominee elected to represent Area 7
shall serve a four (4) year term expiring on the date of the District’s annual meeting in January
If more than one freeholder is nominated to represent an Area, an election will occur
at the District’s annual meeting. If one freeholder is nominated to represent an Area, that
freeholder will be deemed to have been elected. If no freeholder is nominated to represent
an Area, the vacancy will be filled by the Board of Directors of the Cordry-Sweetwater
Conservancy District.
The date, time and location of the annual meeting will be given by public
notice, advertised no more than thirty-one (31) days nor less than fourteen (14) days prior to the
date of the 2023 annual meeting.

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Wake Boat Committee


Are you interested in being a part of the Wake Boat Study Committee?

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