Who We Are

The Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District is nestled in the north-east corner of beautiful Brown County, Indiana. Throughout our 60 year history, the District has grown into one of Indiana's best-kept secrets. The two lakes, Cordry & Sweetwater, are two of the cleanest, clearest lakes in the entire state. They are both spring-fed and have a relatively small amount of watersheds entering them, which aids in the mesmerizing clarity of the water.

Cordry Lake is the smaller of the two with around 160 acres of surface water. Sweetwater Lake is nearly 275 acres and boasts the largest private dam in Indiana. While the lakes are the main attraction to the District, there are so many other reasons that make the CSCD so special. Sweetwater Beach is one of the largest private beaches in the state and is kept impeccably maintained by our dedicated grounds crew. In addition to the beach, we have Centerlake Park which has a playground, walking track, basketball court, pickleball court, driving range tee, baseball diamond, and Community Garden! The CSCD also maintains over five miles of hiking trails that traverse the magical Brown County scenery.

The District employs about a dozen full-time employees to help maintain the district including maintenance workers, and office staff. These employees and about a dozen part-time, seasonal employees keep the District running and offer unheralded services to our Freeholders. We have our own boat patrol to maintain rules and safety on the water; beach attendants to keep our beach safe and private; as well as marina attendants to fuel up boats on the water.

The District also maintains its own water utility. In 1971, a new water Distribution System was installed to serve the residents of the Lakes and included a long-term agreement with neighboring Prince's Lakes to provide the CSCD with potable water. This system replaced the original system that was pumped out of the Lakes due to the growing population. Today, our water utility provides quality drinking water to over 1,360 customers. Prince's Lakes supplies our water to our pumping station and from there our dedicated, certified staff ensures its safe distribution to each home.

The District has seven Board of Directors that make important decisions regarding the affairs of the CSCD including approving resolutions, rules, and building applications put forth by our own Building Compliance Officer. The Board of Directors meets monthly, as do our six commissions. The six commissions take a deeper dive into their respective fields to make recommendations to the Board. They include Roads, Water, Ecology, Security, Finance Advisory, and Building.

The CSCD is the governing entity of the District and owns the lakes and the park areas. However, this great community also has its own volunteer fire department on-site, its own library ran by the Brown County Public Library, and the Cordry-Sweetwater Lot Owners Association which has a clubhouse and hosts a variety of great community events all year long including the famous Fourth of July Fireworks over Sweetwater Lake.