Meter Reading

In 2017, we changed out all 1,365 water meters to the new Sensus iPerl meters that help us catch low-flow water usage and enabled us to read the meters via a "drive-by" system. What used to take 4 crew members 3+ days now takes 1 crew member about 2 hours to read all the meters!

We read for billing on or around the 15th of each month. While reading, the meters will alarm us if a customer has used 2+ gallons of water for 3 straight days. The crew will go around to each of those meters on the leak alarm list and pull the data off the meter to determine if there is indeed a leak. This can take a week or longer depending on how many homes are on the list. If you have a leak of fewer than 10 gallons per hour (gph), we will place a door hanger on your home to alert you of a problem. If it is between 10 and 25 gph, we will attempt to call you to alert you of a problem. 

When fully staffed, we try to read for leak alarms every other week on top of the normal billing reading on the 15th. Please note that customers are responsible for all water used between the meter pit and the home. Also note that the CSCD can not help you find a potential leak. We are simply notifying you of a potential problem. This is a customer service feature that we currently utilize, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate at any time. Customers are responsible for all water used regardless of notification.