Boating Decals


Boat Decal and Beach Pass Season starts June 15, 2024 and EXPIRES June 15, 2026. Boat Decals are half price after June 15, 2025. All motorized watercraft decals this season are YELLOW, and all non-motorized watercraft decals are BLUE. Both can be picked up at the CSCD Office. A photo ID is required when picking up beach passes and applying for motorized and non-motorized boat decals.

Boating Decals for the 2024-2026 Season are now available. 

Pay close attention to the documents that are required in order to retrieve decals!

*There is currently an extension of 6 months to the 60-day moratorium for adding new boats designed to create a large wake or wake boats to the lakes as of the 4/16/2024 Board of Director's Meeting.*
**This does not apply to boats that are currently stickered with the District**

Power/Speed Boat

No longer than 20ft. and over 40 horsepower. Boats with ballast/wave enhancing capabilities must have them disengaged and sign a Ballast/Wave Enhancing Speedboat Certificate when registering

Pontoon Boat No longer than 28ft. and not to exceed 100 horsepower    $166
Fishing Boat No longer than 19ft. and not to exceed 40 horsepower     $86
Jet Ski/ Wave Runner MUST be continuously registered prior to January 1, 1994    $166

Kayaks, Canoes, Rowboats, Paddleboats, and Sailboats. No longer than 17ft.



Boat Decals are half price after June 15, 2025.

Per Resolution 2015-10:

  • ALL Class One Power or Speed boats cannot exceed 4,000 lbs dry weight as provided by the boat manufacture.
  • Watercraft that are equipped with wake enhancing devices must have the equipment permanently disabled.

Per Resolution 2016-3:

  • All gasoline-powered watercraft utilizing Cordry and Sweetwater Lakes be covered by an amount not less than $100,000 liability insurance coverage, insuring against bodily injury or property damage, per person and per occurrence.

Per Board of Director's Meeting 4/16/2024. Resolution 2024-9.

  • Speed boats shall not exceed 20ft. ( see below for determining length)

Things you need to provide to obtain a watercraft decal:

  • Photo ID
  • Current title, application for title,  or certificate of origin in the current lot owner’s name for new boat registration.
  • Insurance Information (Insurance company name, policy number, and insurance agent contact information)
  • Zebra Mussel Course Certificate
  • Boat Safety Certificate

Speedboats being registered for the first time in the current Lot Owner’s name will need to be measured at the CSCD Office during business hours. Please call the office to verify if the year, make and model of the boat is already in our database for measurement. All motorized watercraft coming into the Lake for the first time will need a current title, application for title, or certificate of origin in the current Lot Owner’s name.

A lot owner may only have 9 Total watercraft motorized and non-motorized per freehold, of which no more than 3 motorized; limit one per classification: Classification #1 speedboat,  #2 pontoon, and #3 fishing boat under 40 HP.

All motorized, non-motorized boats, and boat trailers listed above need to have lot numbers displayed. Lot numbers must be 3 inches on both sides of the boats next to the boat decals. Lot numbers must be 2 inches on one side of the boat trailers.



How the CSCD measures speedboats:

Effective per the Board of Director's Meeting 4/16/2024 the updated way to determine the length of the boat is as follows: 

The horizontal distance measured along the centerline of the boat from the bow point (excluding the rub rail) (POINT A) to the rear most point of the running part of the hull (POINT B). 
This is the rear most portion of the  boat that is in the water when on plane.  
If you are purchasing a boat please see the diagrams on our website to see how the updated measuring process is performed. 
The previous pre-measured list is null, no longer in effect; if a freeholder is purchasing a speed boat (even if it has been on the lake) then it will need to be brought into the office to be measured. 
**This does not apply to boats that are currently stickered with the District to the current owners. 


Hull with Pad
Boat Measuring Reference