New Resident

First of all, welcome to one of the most beautiful, unique areas in all of Indiana! Whether you just purchased a new home or a new lot, you are now a part of a wonderful Lake Community. You no doubt have many questions, and our staff at the office is ready to assist and get to know you! Here are a few things to get you started:

  • As a Freeholder (the Indiana term for a lot owner in a Conservancy District) in the Cordry-Sweetwater Conservancy District (CSCD), you have access to two of the cleanest, clearest lakes in all of Indiana.
  • The District collects assessments through the Brown County property tax bills in order to fund the expenditures of the District. There are two parts to our Special Assessment process which show up on the tax bill:
    • One is an equal assessment that is spread out across all Freeholds in the District to cover certain works of improvement, including road maintenance and security
    • The second is an ad valorem (based on your property value) assessment to fund the remainder of the District budget.
  • The District maintains its own water utility that is funded solely through the user fees of the water system. More information on the water utility can be found here.
  • Each Freeholder in the District pays a $24 Road Assessment that helps fund road maintenance including salt, gravel, pavement, and more. The District maintains all 39 miles of road in the CSCD.
  • The Board of Directors leads the overall direction of the CSCD. They employ a Conservancy Manager to oversee the operations, finances, and employment of up to 25 employees at the height of the summer season. The CSCD employs full-time employees including a Director of Administration and Finances, Director of Operations, Water Clerk, Building Compliance Officer, Maintenance Supervisor, Chief Deputy, full-time deputies, and full-time water operators/grounds laborers. The CSCD also employes various part-time and seasonal employees to staff the beach, marinas, lake patrols, grounds, officers, and office staff.

Have a look around our website for important information including how our CSCD Board and Commissions operate, our Parks & Recreation opportunities, our other great resources, important forms and reports, and more!

If you are getting ready to purchase please make sure you check with the CSCD to Ensure all Road Assessments for the property you are purchasing have been paid. Your warranty deed will need the following verbiage:

Conveyance accepted for the purpose of the CSCD assessments this _________ day of ____________________2021. All prior assessments are paid to date.

Director of Administration & Finances


Contact Info

Brittany Bay
Director of Finance & Administration

Nick Johann
Director of Operations/Building Compliance Officer

Judy Surface
Water Clerk

Josh Bryant
Maintenance Supervisor

Non-Emergency Sheriff
Brown County