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Boating Safety


Hello All : 

While we hope that you enjoy the beautiful lakes this busy weekend, we wanted to remind everyone of the rules & to stay safe on the lakes. Here are the rules for operating watercraft as outlined in our rulebook:

All operators of motorized watercraft must have a valid driver's license and shall observe the following traffic rules in addition to the Indiana Boating Rules:

(a.) In coves, bays, and waters designated as idle or no wake zones, persons must operate their craft at the slowest possible speed, not exceeding five (5) MPH, whereby the wake or wash created is minimal.

(b.) Watercraft leaving an idle zone, dock, pier, shore, or ramp, shall yield the right of way to watercraft underway.

(c.) Watercraft must follow a counterclockwise pattern. Tum right and enter the pattern before crossing the line of traffic.

(d.) No watercraft shall be moored or anchored to a buoy or moored or anchored in any location that impedes the flow of traffic or presents a danger to persons or property.

(e.) No watercraft shall be moored or anchored within the ski area during green light periods.

(f.) No "DONUTS", tight circular or other erratic patterns will be permitted except to retrieve downed tuber or skier.

(g.) Watercraft under headway over ten (10) MPH shall remain at least fifty (50) feet from shorelines, beaches, one hundred (100) feet from dams and spillways, thirty (30) feet from other watercraft, and shall stay clear of all buoys.

(h.) No watercraft will be permitted to speed over forty (40) MPH on weekends and legal holidays.

(i.) Sailboats under sail, windsurfing craft, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and all other non-motorized craft should not operate in the ski areas during the green light period.

(j.) No occupant of watercraft underway shall be permitted to sit or stand on the gunwales, seat backs, or stand on the craft's bow, except for the purpose of anchoring, mooring or casting off.

(k.) No dangling of legs or feet in the water while watercraft is in motion.

(I.) The continual use of bright lights on any craft, except for emergencies or docking is discouraged.

(m.) Power loading at the ramps is not recommended since it destroys ramp approaches.

(n.) A life preserving floatation device must be on board for each occupant. It is recommended that children six and under have on a life jacket when underway.

( o.) No unnecessary sounding of whistles or horns, unless used as a warning to persons or watercraft in immediate danger.

(p.) No person shall operate watercraft while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, in violation of Indiana Code IC 14-15-8: 9-30-5-10. An operator suspected of DUI will be subject to a series of tests for intoxication. Refusal of testing or a finding of guilt will result in criminal arrest and removal of boating decals and loss of lake privileges.


l.          RED means no person is permitted to use the lakes for boating. No boats are permitted to operate on the lakes when the light is RED.

2.         YELLOW indicates that the lakes are open for idle speeds only.

3.         GREEN means the areas are open to boaters for skiing, tubing, cruising and other authorized activities.

4.         All signs pertaining to use of the lakes, beaches, parks and marinas must be obeyed.

5.         A RED LIGHT displayed on the Lake Patrol Crafts mean to stop immediately. Failure to stop constitutes fleeing law enforcement and may result in arrest.

DNR Boat Safety