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As many of you may have noticed, The CSCD Maintenance Crew has been out cutting back the brush and limbs from the CSCD road right of way. This task has been needed for many years within the district and doing so will help with visibility while traveling through the CSCD.  

The crew started on the Southwest side of the Sweetwater Dam heading up Sweetwater Drive towards Centerlake Road and are nearing completion of this phase of the project. This is an aggressive process and WILL be a little unsightly for the first few weeks afterwards. We do apologize for the mess, but it is all in effort to make your travels safer within the district. 

The 2nd phase of this project will be starting on Sunset Drive near the Sweetwater Beach area going towards the Fire Station and then heading up Cordry Drive towards the CSLOA Clubhouse area. 

The 3rd phase will be from the bottom of “church hill” on Nineveh Road headed towards the CSLOA Clubhouse and then down Centerlake Road to the Fire Station. 

We WILL NOT be going down ANY side drives until the main roadways have been completed! 

Side drives will come after the main project is completed. We understand that EVERY road needs some sort of trimming, and we apologize for the inconvenience. There is no need to call the office and request this service, calling the office does NOT get you on the list any faster. Please be patient. 


Thank You