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Floating Platform Reminder


In the CSCD rule book (pg. 11) it states:

  1. Floating platforms shall include, but not limited to, single person mats, air mattresses, bounce, or trampoline type platforms.
  2. Floating platforms shall not extend past 25 feet from shore. At no time shall a platform take up more than 25% of a cove. At no time shall a platform, or swimmers around the platform, become a navigational impediment. When not in use, these platforms shall be pulled and secured to the shore.

If you have a floating platform of any kind (including personal buoys) please remember to pull in and secure them when not in use. CSCD boat patrol will be giving freeholders a friendly reminder to do so over the next week. If you do not comply and have received warning to pull in your floating platform when not in use, CSCD boat patrol will be issuing tickets.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CSCD Office at 317-933-2893 and ask for Brittany Bay or Nick Johann.

Thank you & have a great day!